The VFW Hall is available for Rent. 

Please contact us for details.

If there is no answer, please leave a message and our Hall Rental Coordinator will get back with your shortly.


Need a venue for an event? Our affordable Venue options are exactly what you need.
Bring your own DJ…Bring your own food…Have a great time!

Main Hall Only$ 650.00
Back Hall Only $ 250.00
If Post is closed, we can provide a Bartender ($10.00 per hour / 5 hours Minimum) 
Cleaning/Damage/Event Hols Deposit Required$200.00
Total Rental Cost(Total all items above)

Lakeside North$ 300.00
Lakeside West$ 400.00

A Minimum security deposit of $200.00 is due on the contract signing date. 
The security deposit will be refunded (by check) if renter cancels, in person 10(ten) or more days before the scheduled date of the event and signs the cancellation agreement. 

Nothing on the left side of the stage is to be touched, moved,unplugged or anything else in regards to the Bingo Equipment. 

The cleaning/damage deposit will be refunded (by check) after the scheduled event if the renter cleans the Post Facility used for the event by removing all trash, banners, decorations and other debris generated and restores the facility setup to its original condition by placing chairs and tables back to the original locations. All trash must be placed in the outside dumpster. Floors swept and vacuumed and spills mopped up with in 24 hours after the end of the event. The facility will be inspected by the Post Representative to verify the cleaning status and to access any damage to Post property. Any damage or cleaning issues will be subtracted from the cleaning/damage deposit. No outside alcoholic beverages may be brought into or consumed on Post Property. No underage drinking of alcohol allowed! 


Hall 1

hall 2

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